What is Mafatenglish?

There are two facets of Mafatenglish, one for the professionals working in tourism (guesthouse owners etc) and one for the local schoolchildren.


The objective is to provide job-specific English language training to guesthouse owners and employees, with 100% emphasis on practical face to face communication in order for each participant to feel more at ease with non-French speaking tourists and thus to enhance their stay in Mafate.

The idea and teaching program was conceived and created by James Christie, and financed by the IRT. Each session generally lasts two full days. There have been four editions from 2011 to 2015, covering La Nouvelle, Roche Plate, Ilet aux Lataniers and Grand Place. 

Mafatenglish Marmailles:

A 100% voluntary program, the objective is to provide the children of Mafate with the opportunity to meet and learn from native English speakers from the US, UK and Canada. We have been to schools in Aurere, Ilet à Malheur and Grand Place. These children have a real future need for English, and these days are a fun way to dedramatise the language, boost their confidence, and of course learn fun new vocab.

The language assistants always stay the night in the village to further the communication and discover the delights of Mafate.

Contact James for information concerning the next session of Mafatenglish by clicking here.