Killing in the Name of Cari

I have three chickens: Zelda, Solid Snake and Link. They don’t do much, they don’t do tricks, they don’t come when you call, they don’t even fetch. So I’ve decided to eat them.

In all honesty, we bought these chicks a while ago with the intention of eating them when the time was right. They’ve provided us plenty of eggs, finished most of our leftovers, and so didn’t cost much for food and water. But I know that between three chickens running around in my garden, and three chickens roasting in my oven, there’s a small thing I have to do.

I’ve never killed anything before, nothing larger than a babouk anyway. It’s not in my culture to do so. I know that hunting is a ‘sport’ in the UK and USA, but I’ve never been a fan of this. I can’t imagine killing something for ‘sport’ or for ‘fun’. It all seems a bit macabre to me.

We don’t have these sorts of activities in Reunion, when we hunt an animal it’s for eating and not to display its stuffed head in our studies. No, when we do it, it’s for a reason. Some might argue that we as a society eat too much meat, and these people may have a point. Factory farming is rife in the western world, and even in Reunion we’re swamped with bad quality, processed meats. (Naming no names of course, but their so called ‘restaurants’ are popping up a little too regularly.) I suppose the only way to combat factory farming is through personal protest: simply not to purchase the meat. This is all well and good for those who can afford it, but harder for those with limited income. I hope that we as a society will grow out of this in the future.

I digress. My father-in-law is a classic Creole man, and has killed his fair share of chickens, rabbits, tangue and the like. He’s offered to show me how to do it, and I’ve accepted his offer. Wish me luck! I’ll probably mutter a half-baked apology into its ear before cutting its throat, but if it can’t understand the simple command of ‘fetch’ how could it understand my apology?


trick – un tour
to fetch – faire apporter
chick – poussin
plenty – beaucoup
leftovers – les restes 

oven – four
hunting – la chasse
stuffed – farci
study – bureau
rife – répandu 

the western world – l’occident
swamped – inonder
to pop up – apparaitre
to grow out of – dépasser
to mutter – murmurer 

half-baked – à moitie cuit

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2 réflexions au sujet de “Killing in the Name of Cari

  1. Thanks Richard for sharing your feeling… but to me, there is something even worse : fighting cocks ! I don’t know if you have ever seen a « batay coq », it is just awful…my dad loves it, i remember watching him training his own cocks when I was a child, nurturing them…well, he used to look after them more than his very own kids !! he can go to a « rond » every single day ! Let me know if you get to watch a batay coq one day !!

    • No, I’ve never seen that and I wouldn’t want to! I have heard that it’s still quite popular in Reunion.

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