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Here I am up in the west of Reunion Island, in an area that’s called Le Maido. Le Maido is a viewpoint looking out over the cirque of Mafate at around 2600m altitude. It’s a phenomenal viewpoint. To be more precise, I am exactly on a footpath which runs down from Maido to a village called Sans Souci. As you can see from the signpost here: ‘Ilet Alcide’ ‘Sans Souci’. Sans Souci is that way, about an hour and a half’s jog, or a couple of hours’ slow walk if you’re Richard!

Going up to the right is a place called Ilet Alcide. This is a place where about 60 years ago there was a guy who lived there, all on his own in the middle of nowhere, perched on the edge of this cliff-face. There was a river running through the area where he lived and he had a makeshift hut in which he slept. His name was Gerard Alcide Clain, and he lived there for quite some time – about fifteen years if memory serves me correctly.

In any case, this viewpoint, in fact this walk has a whole range of viewpoints, and as you walk down from Le Maido towards Ilet Alcide, I have to say it is for me the most beautiful and spectacular footpath the island has to offer. People don’t generally take this footpath, so there’s no litter. Having said that, the ONF people (the National Forestry Commission), they come down here quite regularly to maintain the footpath, and they do a great job.

I often come up here, just with the dog who’s sniffing something down there as I speak. And we have an hour and a half jogging around here, there’s no-one to be seen. It’s a great break from the crazy life of living down by the coast. We all need to get away from it from time to time, I know I do!

Anyway, thanks for joining us, and see you next time on!


viewpoint = point de vue
footpath = sentier pedestre
signpost = panneau d’indication
guy = type
perched = perché

edge = bord
cliff-face = falaise, paroi
makeshift = improvisé
towards = vers
litter = dechets

having said that = cela dit
maintain = entretenir
sniffing = renifler
to get away = s’échapper

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