My First Vegetable Patch

My last trip back home to England was in May for my beautiful cousin’s beautiful wedding. Springtime in ‘Sunny Devon’ is really something. The countryside is really green after a long winter of rain, and the flowers are gorgeous.

My family all have green fingers, with stunning gardens. And yet, I live on a paradise island and, looking at my garden, you can see that I missed out on this gene. I was both inspired and determined. My new project for these winter holidays? To start my very own vegetable patch!

But with my natural gift for killing plants, how was I to succeed and what was I to grow? If it doesn’t meow at me, I forget to feed it. I knew that I had to be prepared. 

I used wooden pallets to build the vegetable patch frame. I bought earth, gardening tools and seeds. I took compost from my local recycling centre. I started my own compost. I even took time out of my relaxing holiday to study the shadows as they moved across the garden to decide where to best place my vegetables..

Now, I know what you’re thinking. With so much preparation, what could possibly go wrong?? After 4 days of watering every morning and evening, victory! My little seedlings had emerged. 

Unfortunately, the one thing that I hadn’t taken into consideration was… My 10 month old cat. In comparison to the poor, sandy soil elsewhere in our garden, such beautiful, rich soil was very exciting for her. For a week, I woke each morning to find holesuprooted plants and little brown bombs placed around my vegetable patch by my cat.

I put up a protective net, to create a cats- free-zone. It didn’t work! The net was used first, as a hammock and then, pulled down. The corn salad was lost. The beetroot was destroyed, and my spirit was broken. 

But even in this chaos, the rocket salad and courgette made it through. A few coriander plants survived, and the chilli pepper plant gave fruit. The net is now stronger, the cat’s evil plan to stop my green fingers is foiled, and I’m happy to report that rocket is on the menu every day.


green fingers- la main verte
Vegetable patch- potager
Meow- miaou
Gardening tools- des utiles de jardinage

Seeds- des grains
Seedlings- les germes
Poor, sandy soil- un sol pauvre et sablonneux
Hole- trou
Uprooted plants- des plants déracinés 

Little brown ‘bombs’- utilisé ici pour dire caca du chat
Net- filet
Corn salad- mâche
Evil plan- plan méchant
To foil- dejouer

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  1. Congratulation Kirsty! I also unfortunately don’t have this « green finger’s gene »! your experience gives me hope for my new own vegetable patch which is not very convincing at the moment(except for the so-called « green onions »)!

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