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Finally after two years of living in Reunion my parents decided to make the ‘terribly long’ journey. Although they didn’t choose the easiest route, deciding to fly via Dubai and Mauritius, they finally made it to paradise. The first thing my father noticed was the heat! Like me, my mother loves the heat, but my father isn’t the biggest fan but luckily I have air con at my place!

So after a 24 hour journey we got stuck straight into the beach and lunch. It was their first taste of island life, drinking a Dodo, eating samosas and « chillaxing » on the beach, which, as my mother adored, is just a stone’s throw away from my apartment. The first evening we headed to my favourtie restaurant in St Pierre to taste some local cuisine. I, of course, opted for a rougail saucisse whereas they both chose swordfish. My father had a shock when he tasted what he thought was a lovely little tomato salad…yes he ate a big spoonful of rougail tomate! His face was hilarious. (I’m not mean honestly.)

We made sure to venture around Réunion, well the beaches at least. As my parents were only visiting reunion for a total of 6 days, time was a limited resource and it was of course their holiday. We did, however, spend Sunday the traditional Creole way, with my friends and their family over a BBQ just below Piton Bois de Nefles, Etang Salé. I am addicted to BBQs now, every opportunity I have, I take to have a BBQ. The weather is a major factor because in the UK I hated BBQs, but here with the sun constantly shining, there is nothing better than to hang out with friends over some grilled meat!

It was here in Etang Salé that I saw my first shark in Reunion. The shark was somehow attached to buoy in the sea. Safe to say we didn’t go swimming after that! Again it was these little experiences which made my parents holiday that extra special. Although the fact that they don’t speak any French at all, made my experience a little more stressful, translating menus several times then repeating again isn’t all that fun!

On the day before our departure to Mauritius, I decided to organise a tour of the island in a light aircraft for my mother. What better way to see Reunion than from above, plus the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, which just so happened to be the same day! I did offer it to my father too, but as soon as I mentioned the idea, his face drained with colour. He suffers from vertigo, so the idea of flying in a light aircraft terrified him. So off my mother flew, and after 60 minutes she returned with a huge grin on her face. She loved it! At least this way she had the chance to see the volcano, Cilaos,the Piton des Neiges and Mafate. It was the perfect way to end the lovely, but short, stay on the island.

We then flew to Mauritius to spend a week on the beach and nothing more.


journey – voyage
route – parcours
to notice – remarquer
air con – la clim
« chillaxing » – se détendre

a stone’s throw away – à un jet de pierre
whereas – tandis que
swordfish – espadon
spoonful – cuillerée
mean – méchant

hang out – trainer dehors
several times – plusieurs fois
Mother’s Day – Fête des Mères
grin – sourire

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