Goyavier Fever

In Réunion it seems each month brings with it a new tropical fruit to discover. Now that it’s May, goyavier is the fruit of the month. I had never tried or even had heard of this delicious red fruit before I came to Reunion. I knew of guava but not goyavier. In previous months here I had goyavier juice but only recently did I get to try the fresh fruit and oh my god I’m in love. I think I could live on lychees and goyavier,

So a week ago, my landlord organized a goodbye Creole picnic for us. We drove to the Foret de Bebour since I had never been there. We brought baskets full of picnic supplies that filled up the trunk of our tiny French car like true Creoles- blankets, folding chairs, marmites full of rice and caris, rougails, quiches, salad, and lots of rhum arrange, wine, and beer, and buckets for goyavier. Instead of taking the Plaines, we took a bunch of windy side roads to discover even more of Reunion. When we arrived in the forest, our first stop was to pick goyavier. We paid 10€ for a giant bucket to pick as many goyaviers as we could. Dennis and I left the group to go search for an untouched area with big, juicy, ripe red and purple fruits. One goyavier in the bucket, one in my mouth. And so it went like this for over an hour until both my belly and the bucket were full. Then we transferred the goyaviers into our own buckets and found a nice place in the forest to sit and have our elaborate Creole picnic.

When we got home, I started looking up recipes to deal with the almost 10 kilos of goyavier! For the next four days I was busy mixing goyaviers and straining the seeds to make all sorts of delicious things before the fruits rotted. Fresh goyavier do not last long, only a few days at the most. It’s so nice though to have so much fresh produce here. In the US fruits last much longer because they are full of nasty preservatives and pesticides. I succeeded to use all the goyavier and made a bunch of goyavier mousses, sorbets, and rum of course. The kitchen was a mess as there was goyavier juice everywhere! Our other friends from the picnic made a bunch of sauces with the goyavier and we all shared our recipes and dishes. Surprisingly I’m not sick of goyavier yet. I know I must savour them as much as possible since soon the season will be over and it will be another fruit’s time to shine.


landlord – propriétaire
baskets – paniers
trunk – coffre
windy – sinueuse
to pick – cueillir

bucket – seau
looking up – chercher
to strain – prendre du jus
to rot – pourrir
a bunch of – bcp de

dishes – les plats

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