An Assistant Returns

After having completed one year as an assistant in paradise, I knew my time couldn’t be over.

It was a warm day in June as I made final preparations to leave Reunion, for what I thought was a long time. Even as I checked in for my flight, I had the offer to extend my stay as it was overbooked! I had mentally prepared myself to leave Reunion for at least 2 years and as I took off from St Denis I said my final farewell and mi aime à ou to Reunion.

I had spent the last 9 months living the dream in paradise. I was an assistant teaching in two colleges, one in St Pierre and the other in Entre-Deux. It was the first time I had ever taught and although, at first, it was extremely hard, I learnt a lot during the year and it was the best year of my life, so far! I had so much fun teaching the students about my culture, traditions and my way of life back in the UK, even if sometimes they thought things were disgusting, a big fried breakfast for instance!

So as I returned to the UK and planned to spend the summer in China, I couldn’t help but think everyday about Reunion and the wonderful people I met. During my travels in China, a lot of people asked what I did and I couldn’t help but talk and talk about Reunion and how they must visit. (Even though nobody had ever heard of it!) I dreamt every night of the beautiful beaches and the clear blue skies; although China was hot it was totally different from Island life.

Upon my return to the UK, I received an email telling me that there may be a position to be an assistant again next year, as my successor had dropped out.  I waited anxiously for a few days, trying not to build my hopes up. 3 days later I received confirmation that I was accepted again as an assistant and that I would be able to return to the two schools I had worked at.

This was the best news I had received all summer. I never thought it would have been possible to return to Reunion and work again so soon after I left.

Now as I make my final preparations to return to paradise for another year, counting down the days until I board that flight back to Reunion, I am eager to start working with my colleagues and with the students to again have one unforgettable experience in paradise.

Who knows if I will ever be able to leave…


to check in – enregistrer
to have fun – s’amuser
way of life – mode de vie
fried breakfast – petit-déjeuner frit
to drop out – abandonner

to build your hopes up – faire des plans sur la comète
to board a flight – embarquer
eager – pressé

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