You‘ve heard of the Centaur: half-man, half-horse. And what about the Hippogriff from the Harry Potter films: half-horse, half-eagle. And let’s not forget the Mermaid: half-fish, half-beautiful lady!

But did you know that in Reunion Island we have our very own hybrid creature? No? Then let me introduce you to the Mouflonouton of Saint-Anne!

The Mouflonouton is a cross between two animals: a sheep and a mouflon. If you don’t know, a mouflon is a kind of wild mountain sheep. Its skin is red and brown and it has stripes along its back. It also has huge horns that can be over 80cm long.

This charming animal is the pride and joy of Jean-François and Chantal Acquier, owners of the Miel & Vie Ferme Pédagogique’ in Saint Anne. It is possible he is the only one of his kind in the world! Check out the picture! He looks a bit like a goat, but with beautiful curling horns and a shaggybeard of long white hair. I had the immense pleasure of taking my kids there. We stayed for three days, living to the sound of the farm animals. There are the standard farmyard animals such as horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, rabbits, pigs and chickens, but along with the Mouflonouton, there are also some lovely surprises: pheasants, deer, a stag, and even four alpacas, a close relative of the llama!

It’s a beautiful region of the island, with delightful walks, waterfalls and sugar cane as far as the eye can see. We walked around the Forêt des Ravenales and even had a dip in the clear waters of Bassin Bleu!

I recommend a visit to Miel & Vie: a great place to go camping, with excellent food and company: a real breath of fresh air!


our own=notre propre

check out=regardez

to have a dip=piquer une tête

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