Try to Come Back in One Piece

There are two types of tourists, those who book five-star hotels and spend their days sipping coconut punch while tanning on the beach, and there are those who travel to experience every last sensation possible. My sister-in-law falls into the latter category, and even though she is now a pro (having visited the island three times now), I will never forget her first time here.

She arrived with an itinerary planned out for her fourteen days on the island: Piton des Neiges, catamaran, the volcano, Mafate, mountain biking, horseback riding, ULM, and of course a little time to enjoy the beach.

Hike number one: Piton de la Fournaise and to add excitement to the hike everyone decided to jog all the way back, so as they jogged across the lava all of a sudden my sister in law lost balance and fell onto the jagged lava rocks, she was bloody and bruised but nothing serious.  The next thing on the itinerary would continue as planned.

Mountain Biking in Maido’s lush forest, since they were seeking an adrenaline rush, they didn’t bother with the beginner trails, and after a few minutes my sister in law was on the ground, bleeding from new wounds which were inflicted when the bike hit a rock and she hit the ground.  But like a champion (and without much choice) she jumped back on the bike and finished the trail.

The next day she woke up sore, and sadly Piton des Neiges was canceled due to the injuries sustained on the mountain bike. So, they decided to take it easy for a few days on the beach instead, nothing can go wrong in the lagoon… right? Wrong! More blood as the coral reef took its revenge.

So with all these dangers around us, we decided to get off the island and relax for the day on a catamaran.  The day was going perfectly, sipping coconut punch and laying in the sun, we were finally living life without danger! As if it couldn’t get any more perfect, dolphins surrounded our boat, and we tried to slip into the water without making a splash to get a closer look, when all of a sudden we were in the ocean surrounded by a pool of blood… Everyone immediately forgot about the dolphins and struggled to get out of the water as fast as possible.  My sister in law had sliced the entire palm of her hand open on the boat.

“Reunion Island- l’île intense” had really lived up to its name on this first visit. As she boarded her plane she had a few extra bruises and a couple of new scars that would always remind her of this beautiful island full of extreme adventures.


to sip = siroter
to tan = bronzer
latter = dernier
itinerary = itinéraire
mountain biking = VTT 

horseback riding = équitation
to jog = trottiner
jagged = coupant
bloody = ensanglanté
bruised = couvert de bleus 

lush = luxuriant
adrenaline rush = montée d’adrénaline
wounds = blessures
inflicted = infligé
sore = avoir mal 

injuries = blessures
to slip = glisser
to splash = éclabousser
to struggle = lutter
to slice = trancher

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