Next Day Delivery Please!

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular in Reunion Island. With a number of apps and websites, you can sit on the sofa and at the push of a button you’ve just ordered online and it should be delivered in a few weeks. I say should, but this is not quite the reality.

The post office is apparently drowning in the number of parcels they are receiving and therefore the delivery is not always guaranteed within a few weeks. I recently decided to test online shopping in Reunion Island and it is something, which I won’t do again for a while.

People often ask if there is anything I miss about not living in England and in the past there was nothing…until now. I used to regularly shop online in the UK out of convenience and more often than not I received the item the next day. In the UK you are able to order online and have next day delivery often for free. With some companies you can now shop until midnight and still have next day delivery! I realise now that I miss next day delivery!

I am not expecting next day delivery to the middle of the Indian Ocean but usually there is no delivery possible. For many reasons, many products cannot be delivered to Reunion Island, which is a real shame. I miss being able to have a huge range of products at competitive prices. We often have to wait weeks or even months for the new products to be available to purchase on the island.

My phone case recently broke and I decided to try and order online. I made my purchase and paid and waited, and waited. After a staggering 8 weeks the parcel finally arrived, I had actually forgot that I ordered it! The product looked nothing like the photo and didn’t even fit my phone. Rather than send the product back, I decided to cut my losses and learn my lesson.

I tried online shopping in Reunion Island and it wasn’t for me. I like the thrill of ordering and receiving the product in a short amount of time. From now on, I think I will stick to the “shopping malls” in Reunion Island to buy my products.


push of a button = l’appui d’un bouton
to order online = commander en ligne
should = devrait
to deliver = livrer
not quite = pas forcément

to drown = se noyer
a few = quelques
for a while = pendant un moment
out of convenience = par commodité
more often than not = la plupart du temps

next day delivery = livraison le lendemain
to realise = se rendre compte
usually = d’habitude
a real shame = un vrai dommage
phone case = une coque

staggering = stupéfiant
to look like = ressembler
rather than = plutôt que de
to cut my losses = limiter les dégâts
thrill = un frisson

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