Mad May

In my hometown of Adelaide, there’s one month of the year that I prefer a little more than the eleven others. On top of temperatures being ideal, it’s also my birthday month which makes March my favourite time of the year!

The month of March is chock-a-block full of world-class festivals including WOMAD; a world music festival, The Adelaide Festival; a mix of theatre and dance pieces, visual arts and outstanding music performances, Writers Week; a chance to listen to acclaimed writers talk about their work and The Fringe Festival; a whacky and vibrant few weeks showcasing national and international artists performing burlesque, comedy, magic, circus, dance and music acts.

Adelaide, often considered by our neighbours from Sydney & Melbourne to be a sleepy town, truly comes alive at this time of year; a period that is affectionately known as Mad March.

It’s definitely one of the things I miss the most about home, but thankfully in Reunion we have our very own equivalent in May!

Beginning with Komidi; a drama festival that takes place in the South of the island, Reunion in May is the place to be. I highly recommend the Komidi festival, it has something for everyone and entry only costs 1 euro!

Then comes Leu Tempo Festival, in St Leu, as the name would suggest. The town is a buzz thanks to numerous street art, dance, circus and comedy shows. There’s lots of free stuff on offer allowing for everyone to make the most of the festive atmosphere.

This is shortly followed by the Festival du Film d’Adventure; an adventure film festival that begins with a free opening night on the beach in St Gilles where three films are projected onto a big screen. This evening is then followed by three others, both in the South and in the North. Two heartfelt and inspiring amateur films are shown each night taking us on the wildest of journeys.

Needless to say I’ve renamed this time of the year Mad May. And to top it off, I wouldn’t rather be in any other country than France in May given all the public holidays, four in total!


on top of – de plus
chock-a-block – plein à craquer
word-class – de classe internationale
outstanding – exceptionnel
acclaimed – réputé

whacky – farfelu
to showcase – mettre en valeur
neighbours – voisins
sleepy town – ville endormie
to come alive – prendre vie

own – propre
to be a buzz – être vibrant
to make the most of – profiter
atmosphere – ambiance
screen – écran

heartfelt – qui vient du fond du cœur
wildest – le plus fou
needless to say – cela va sans dire
to top it off – couronner
public holiday – jour férié

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