Conversation evenings held around the island every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm, with small informal groups of around 5 to 8 people getting together for a couple of drinks and a chat in English. From travel to local news, hobbies to habits, the conversation is open to all subjects.

KAFE is a fun, free and comprehensive online learning tool to practise your English. To make it more interesting, the activities are all connected to life in Reunion Island!

Every Thursday a native English speaker talks about his/her experiences and adventures here on the beautiful island of Reunion. From tasting fried wasp larvae in St Rose to getting hypothermia in Salazie, every story is fun and full of surprises.

Monthly showings of the latest films in their original language. Join the Anglais.re team after the film for a free drink and an informal chat in the bar to brush up on your English conversation skills.

The objective is to provide job-specific English language training to guesthouse owners and employees in Mafate, in order for each participant to feel more at ease with non-French speaking tourists and thus to enhance their stay.